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You have found the site dedicated to everyone who lives in Luanshya, has lived in Luanshya or is interested in Luanshya, in Zambia.

This site used to be a hive of activity where people found lost friends, made new friends, talked about the old days in Luanshya, talked about what’s happening now in Luanshya and generally helped to bring together people with a common interest in Luanshya.

The site started as a simple message board back in 1995 when the internet was just a baby.  It soon gathered momentum and with a couple of hundred members the message board was converted into a full blown forum and website around 2001.  We didn’t have a lot of money and we didn’t know how things would progress so we used all the free software we could find.  The site grew, the forum grew and the picture gallery grew.  Eventually, a couple of years later, the free software could no longer handle the amount of traffic we had so we asked for donations and managed to raise about £200 of the £350 annual cost required to upgrade the site to a commercial version of the forum (vBulletin), pay for the hosting package (Platinum required due to size of the gallery) and for some smaller expenses for the domain, set up and installation.  We paid the £150 difference.

The first year went well, more people registered, the forum grew and the gallery grew, everyone loved it.  We asked for donations again in the second year and managed to raise about £50 of the £320 annual cost required to keep the vBulletin forum software up to date with a valid licence and to pay for the hosting package to keep the site online.  We paid the £270 shortfall.  The forum and gallery continued to grow but in the third year we raised no money from donations so we had to pay the full £320 to keep everything online.

This continued until roughly 2009/2010 when Facebook began to enter everyone’s life.  As you would expect someone created a Luanshya facebook page and from that moment our traffic declined.  The forum had over 4000 registered members of which about 50 visited regularly and only about 20 visited daily or weekly.  The rest popped in either once a month or less.  No-one ever donated to the costs though there were clear links and an explanation of the costs.

As the traffic declined even further, and the facebook page grew, we decided not to renew the vBulletin licence although we still pay for the hosting and domain (approx. £230 per year).  We keep this site here as there are thousands of photos in the gallery and some memorable posts in the forum although the licences have expired and so they are not accessible to everyone.  We are working on a solution to somehow transfer the photos to Facebook, an enormous task as you can imagine, and to preserve the forum somewhere on the internet for anyone with an interest to have access to.

In fact, if you search ‘Luanshya’ on Facebook there are many pages of interest.

Thank you for visiting.